We believe in sharing what we know. We are a collective of creative, curious, wholehearted, entrepreneurial biz types from business, digital marketing, creative and social science backgrounds, who love what we do. We believe in working collaboratively with like minded businesses and go getters, who are purpose driven, design focussed, challengers of the status quo, questioners of assumptions. Who are leap takers with a healthy dose of daring. Who couple fierce will with personal humility.

We believe there are no silly questions, that life is too short and too precious to sit on the sidelines wondering ‘what if?’, and that choosing courage over comfort is the guiding principle for living meaningful days.
— Of Kin

I feel very privileged to be a part of the incredible Of Kin team. Working as the producer, alongside founder and all-round amazing human Kylie Lewis and wonderful business catalyst Binny Langler, we work with brands and people choosing courage over comfort, not just in business happenings, but in everyday life. I am lucky enough, alongside Kylie, to produce the inspiring series - The Leap Stories - a series featuring the stories and learnings of courageous kin who've taken (and continue to take) wild and wonderful leaps in their career and personal lives. If you've been considering a leap in your own life, sneak over and take a look here. You can even read my own leap story here.