This is what I do

I tell stories that inspire empathy and connection because I believe stories matter. 

This love of courageous storytelling inspires my work in content strategy and content creation. I work with inspiring, creative and forward-thinking brands, exploring authentic and engaging ways to communicate and share their story.

I provide creative content solutions including creativity consultations (to ignite your creativity, inspire lots of wonderful content ideas and come up with a strategy you love) and services in copywriting (online, print and product), blogging and short film, all with the aim of sharing your story with the world.

This is who i am

I believe in people, I believe in travel, I believe in long walks and loud music to work through thoughts. I believe in finding your people and standing up for what you believe in, even when it’s scary (especially when it’s scary). I know the idea of letting yourself be seen truly as you are in this world can be terrifying. I’ve learnt that you can’t be everything to everyone, and you shouldn’t try. 

I’m passionate about women’s rights, I embrace the word feminist and, in my personal projects, I aspire to represent and validate the experiences of women through visual and written mediums. I believe in the unique, yet universal, nature of all stories and I work to develop narratives and documentaries that connect with the viewer in order to broaden perspectives and ignite change for the better.

Standing up for what you believe in is more important than working so hard to be something you’re not. The world is meant to be rocked and I want to help you do exactly that. I’m here to help you choose authenticity, embrace vulnerability and do your thing, with love, creativity and courage.

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