her words is an intimate video interview series sharing the stories and experiences of people who identify as women. Inclusive of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities and backgrounds, and of transgender and trans-feminine women, her words is going beyond surface conversation to crack into important, constructive and inspiring dialogue on the real challenges facing contemporary women.  

The purpose of the series is to inspire courage through connection and change through conversation, and to contribute to greater gender equality and empathy in Australia. As the series creator, I'm honoured and excited to have been named one of the Foundation of Young Australians' 2016 Young Social Pioneers for my work with the project. 

“We want to provide a space for women from all backgrounds to safely talk about their experiences, AND feel connected, powerful and significant. We want every woman to know her words matter”.


Shooting the first series of interviews in late October 2016, her words will be launching in December. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.