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'her words' is live

On International Women's Day we launched her words  - an intimate and honest web series sharing the stories and experiences of those who identify as women. 

With an inclusive outlook, we're going beyond surface conversation to crack into important, constructive and inspiring dialogue on the real challenges affecting women.

The media plays an important role in shaping societal values, beliefs and attitudes. While women make up approximately 51% of Australia’s population, we are severely underrepresented and misrepresented on screen which reinforces patriarchal attitudes and leads to the disempowerment of women. With her words, each month we focus on a different theme, from sexual assault and victim-blaming to gender stereotypes to self-love. For each theme, we interview four diverse women giving a platform to their diverse stories. By doing so, we present an alternative narrative to what we see in the media and we allow women to recognise that their experiences and emotions are worthy and real. 

Through the power of storytelling, we raise awareness and educate viewers on the challenges women face and highlight solutions from those who are actually living these experiences. We connect viewers to personal stories driving connection and empathy in order to shift perceptions and normalise diversity.

Together we’re building an empowered community of women who back each other, inspiring women to speak up, stand up and make their voices heard. No woman should feel her story or experience isn’t important or valid, or that her existence isn’t worthy of respect and belonging, like many do. We’re on a mission to ensure every woman knows her words matter.

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