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Four women. 15 minutes. One day.

I created this film while studying in the Film & TV Foundations course at VCA last year. The first digital film we made and very much a learning process. We were given just 15 minutes of footage and were required to shoot the film within one hour on campus at VCA and edit it in just one day.

I was always interested in creating something in a documentary style that looked into the unique, yet universal experiences of women. I asked these four women to share their experience of being a woman and asked them if they could recall any times they had come up against sexism and had altered their behaviour as a result of it. This was the result of 15 minutes of talking and sharing.

Thanks so much to Millicent O'Sullivan, Amanda Judson, Erin White and Paige Marshall for sharing their stories and to the crew for helping it come to life.


P.S Sorry about the shitty quality - if you head to Vimeo you can watch it in HD x

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